Breakfast in a cup

Breakfast in a cup

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The incredibly delicious breakfast cup is one of the my favorites for starting the day. The recipe is usually adjusted to whatever I have on hand. the great thing about it is that its fast and easy.

2 eggs (1- white) (It’s important to beat the eggs & yoke really really good prior to cooking or they will explode and make for a fun mess to clean up.)

Beet greens (chopped)
Beet root
Caper and Olive  topenade
Sun dried tomatoes
Garlic (pinch)
a couple of mild Chilies

Cover and microwave for 2 minutes on High, let it cool for a couple of minutes and then enjoy a wonderfully nutritious and healthy breakfast stocked with protein and vitamins.

The fun is in experimenting and combining different foods, but the ease of making a quick and nutritious meal is undeniably on of my favorites ways to start the day. A BFD recipe, share your ideas, and help me change the world!

Eat Smat, Train Hard, Live Boldly

Robert Custer

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