The Positive Side of Life

The Positive Side of Life

This New Year is the time to step forward to the best of your possibilities. This is the moment to start reaping the rewards from the positive side of life. Truly believe that YOU CAN do all things in Christ!

Many opportunities will beckon, and you can choose to say yes to them. Obstacles will regularly stand in your way, and you can decide that, yes, you will work through them. Continue to do what you know to do and let God take care of what you can’t.

There will be plenty of ways to make a positive difference. And yes, you can be the person who steps forward to do it.

Setbacks will come along to knock you down. And yes, you can get back up and get yourself moving forward even faster, with more determination than before. A phrase I’ve never forgot. “When you have a setback, don’t take a step back, because God is preparing you for your comeback.”

Step forward to the best possibilities, and even better possibilities will then open up to you. Say yes to the challenges, and the strength you develop will lift you higher than you ever could have imagined.

Step forward this New Year to the richness and wonder that is your life. And your positive, enthusiastic approach will make it even better.

Eat Smart, Train Hard, Live Boldy

Robert Custer

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