Take this Pill, You’ll feel better!

Take this Pill, You’ll feel better!

Better Fitness Daily

There are pills to help us get skinny and ones to help us build muscle. There are pills to put you to sleep and pills to keep you awake. There are pills that take away our headaches and ones that make us happy, or is it less sad? There are pills to soothe our aching muscles and ones to make us relax. There are pills that stop us from having babies, nearly always, and pills to help us have babies. And don’t forget the wonderful pills that help men do, er, manly things. You know the blue ones. I’ve heard.

Yep, we have pills for pretty much everything but maybe we’re lacking one – the perspective pill: a pill to help us see things differently. To see more positively, more practically – a pill that enables us to see that our major disaster might actually be a momentary inconvenience, a minor discomfort, a speed hump, or a life lesson. Maybe, just maybe a pill that enables us to step out of our negative, woe-is-me, problem-finding, self-created pity-party and into a better place. And don’t we all need that from time to time?

Choosing Our Attitude

Every day, you and I get to choose our attitude, behaviors and reactions. We get to choose the labels we give things i.e. hard or easy, good or bad, fair or unfair, problem or opportunity, catastrophe or lesson. We get to tell ourselves stories about what we see, what we have and what we experience. That is, we get to create our own experiences. In a very literal sense, we get to create our own reality. The challenge for you and me is to do it consciously, intelligently and intentionally.

We exist in a three-dimensional world but where we live is in our thinking. As the Bible says, “As a man thinketh so is he”, paraphrase of Proverbs 23.

Inside Out

Sometimes, we arrive at a point on our journey only to discover that our truth is actually a myth. A story we’ve been told. A story we’ve told ourselves. A lie we’ve bought into. Sometimes, things aren’t as they seem or, as we see them. Sometimes, we believe what’s comfortable while ignoring what everyone else already knows. Sometimes, the only place something is real is in our head. But sometimes that’s where it has to start. The thoughts you hold most often and most prominently set the agenda for the reality of your life. When you start believing, you start achieving. Similarly, when you decide that something is impossible for you, you’re right.

I’m of the not-always-popular opinion that, more often than not, the difference between a good day and a bad day is perspective. When we change our internal dialogue we begin to filter process and interpret the goings-on of our external environment in a new and healthier way. I’m convinced that as our internal world changes, so too does our external world.

Can changing our life really be as simple as changing our perspective? I think so. Sometimes, the problem is us – but we don’t know it. For some of us, it might be time to look at the world through a different window. Can you imagine living in a place where there are no problems, only lessons? Or a place where every day is a good day because you make that decision? Or what about a place where the only approval you need is your own? I know that for some of you this concept of finding your way to happiness and calm by learning to manage your internal environment might seem like an improbable, overly simplistic and somewhat impractical solution to (what appears to be) a very complex problem or situation. For a long time I was of the same opinion. Now I know better.

Take this Pill!

Eat Smart, Train Hard, Live Bold!

Robert Custer


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