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As Fitness Enthusiast and Trainer, I believe that anyone can change and have incredible results in any area of their life in a relatively short period of time, if they are prepared to get a little uncomfortable, see old things in a new way, and open their mind and their heart to a different way of thinking and being.

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Robert Custer  is a New Age renaissance man who blends personal fitness with a positive approach to life. He has traveled the world on 11 different mission trips (Honduras, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Belize, Panama, Nevis, Mexico and Nigeria), climbed Mount Rainier twice, won fitness challenges, and participated in annual motorcycle trips around the country on his Harley. He is obsessive, passionate, and something of a perfectionist.  His motto: “You’ve only got one life, make it great!”

Robert is a AMFPT Certified Fitness Trainer, a motivational speaker, and coach. Among his many facets are teacher, talk show host, missionary, writer, and technocrat. A graduate of OSU, he has been passionate about fitness as long as he can remember. Robert is constantly seeking out new ways to help himself and others achieve the level of fitness they aspire to.

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Robert Custer

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